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Best Laser Tag Set

When deciding the best laser tag set, you need to put your mind together and know all the different aspects. In this article, we will analyze the features of these sets and what you need to know before you buy them. Even though they are simple toys, the best laser tag set could stay with you for many years before you throw it away. So, it’s better to know more about its features and then decide freely which one is better for you.

Quick Table of Top 9 Best Laser Tag Set

Top Selling:

Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4

Overall Best Ratings:

Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors

Budget Friendly: 

Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest

Low Price:

Laser Tag Guns Set of 2 Laser Tag Guns

Value For the Money: 

TINOTEEN Laser Tag Guns Set


It is one of the most impressive laser guns you may find online, not only for its shape and color but also for its endurance in weather conditions. People looking for the best laser tag set should consider this item that ships directly from the United States.

As a customer, you always get the ammunition within the package. The targeting set is always there to allow you to aim better. Its shooting range comes up to 150ft, which is one of the longest we have seen in such laser guns. The guns also pair with suits shining LED lights to ensure that you will be tagged when you have been shot by other gamers. 

The gun itself comes in multiple colors and durable plastic materials. It also has some foamy material close to the handle to allow you to touch and hold it better. 

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Why We Recommend

  • It comes with a two-year warranty scheme to ensure your satisfaction.
  • There is an accuracy scope that makes you aim better at night or at moving targets.
  • You have access to a built-in rechargeable battery allowing users to play for more than 8 hours.
  • There is an automatic synchronization with all the other Armorgear products you already have.


  • The shotgun does not have a paper manual, and you need to read all the instructions online.


It is the best laser tag set for beginner users, especially kids that have never had any prior exposure to the game. It comes in an attractive box with a handle depicting all four shotguns to ensure that kids know what it is all about. For your kids’ satisfaction, the package has four guns and four vests that fit all body types.

The best thing about these guns is that they come with rechargeable batteries. That means your kids will never need to stop the game as they could change their batteries right away and keep on playing. There are multiple LED lights on the guns and the vests to show the score and who has been hit by the others.

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Why We Recommend

  • The guns are made from durable quality plastic to ensure that they have no issues with weather conditions.
  • Their range is more than 150 ft. which is the best you can get in such items.
  • Kids can choose between laser, automatic, pistol, and rocket functions for their ease.
  • There is an LCD screen on top of the guns to show everything about the functions and the score.


  • It takes much time to ship worldwide, and you need to pre-order timely.


People who are looking for the best laser tag set for their kids always stop at this item. It comes from Squad Hero, one of the most impressive and popular brands in the world. These laser tag guns have a 360 degrees sensor to show who is approaching. There is also an alarm going on when someone is in your range to start shooting.

The guns have a smooth and soft surfaces, especially close to the handles. You can easily remove and install the new battery as all the set works with rechargeable ones. All the instructions are in the manual, and you can also watch some tutorial videos online to ensure you learn more right away.

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Why We Recommend

  • You can adjust the lives for each game from only one to ninety-nine; that is an all-time high.
  • Gamers can pick between four different colors to play.
  • Users can benefit from the flashlight on the tip of the gun to illuminate dark spaces.
  • Stealth mode can get enabled and make you completely invisible to others.


  • Shotgun colors may fade away if you leave them outside in the sunshine for a long time.


Play 22 has been one of the pioneers in laser shotguns for kids. The current model belongs to the best laser tag guns you may order online and expect timely delivery. The guns are made from high-quality plastic material that is quite water-resistant to ensure the best possible behavior when the game is outdoors.

The whole set works with infrared rays that can easily tag the other players without getting seen. 

The whole set is manufactured in the United States to ensure the higher quality standards in terms of materials and procedures. You can use either alkaline AA or rechargeable batteries to ensure that you can have full eight hours of gaming.

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Why We Recommend

  • The guns are 100% safe for kids.
  • There are multiple colors for kids to choose from to ensure their satisfaction.
  • You can have a 100% guarantee for your money, especially when you need to return the item and get your money back.
  • Users get realistic vibrations on their guns.


  • There are no cover cases for the shotguns in the package.


TINOTEEN is the newest laser gun brand for kids and has taken the market by storm. This wonderful set of four shotguns is one of the best laser tag guns set you will find online. The plastic materials are soft and of high quality, without rough edges that could injure kids. They come in multiple colors for kids to choose and the vests are always there for them for a complete gaming experience.

As with other guns in this class, they do have specifications for rocket, shotgun, machine gun, and pistol that will make you the best silent scope of all time. When you hit a player, you can see the score on the LCD screen that they wear on them. All the materials are 100% environmentally friendly to ensure the best possible compliance.

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Why We Recommend

  • Guns are safe and durable.
  • They operate with rechargeable batteries for your ease.
  • Sensors are very sensitive to increase accuracy when playing.
  • You can have the best targeting when viewing through the scope.


  • It takes much time to deliver, especially during festivity time.


If you are looking for the best rechargeable laser tag set, Kidzlane has the right proposal. The guns are four in the package, and each kid can pick the one they like according to their color preferences. The sensors work with infrared technology to ensure that everyone is invisible. However, when tagged, there is a special vibration and alarm hitting to let everyone know they are hit by the rays. 

These guns work with rechargeable batteries AA that are extremely easy to find and recharge. The vests are included in the package to make the satisfaction of your kids skyrocket. All plastic materials are safe for kids and tested to ensure that no rough edges exist that could easily injure minors.

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Why We Recommend

  • The guns come in multiple colors for you to check and select.
  • It is the only brand offering rocket blaster and extreme striker modes for shotguns.
  • There is a 100% money-back warranty coming with the game.
  • Sensors are sensitive and durable enough to external conditions.


  • The shotgun range may not exceed 130 ft., which could be a potential drawback compared to other models.


One of the most precious brands in shotgun history remains VATOS. The current guns come in a perfect gift case to ensure your kids’ satisfaction. They have infrared rays for the sensors to ensure that kids will be invisible when they aim at their opponents. There is a rechargeable battery coming with these shotguns that you can easily replace and let the game continue.

All shotguns are made from soft and durable plastic material to prevent any injuries. They are compatible with outdoor activities since sensors and guns are 100% waterproof. Players may also benefit from the five weapon mode that varies from shotgun to rocket and can give them enough power to eliminate everyone.

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Why We Recommend

  • The shotguns come in multiple colors for kids to choose from their loved ones.
  • One of the few brands that give the option of a submachine gun.
  • Light and sound effects could get easily synchronized for players.
  • You can aim at two target zones for better chances to win.


  • The set will not offer any additional manuals to players.


If you are looking for a great shotgun set for your kid’s birthday party, this is the one to check first. It has really affordable pricing and offers high-quality shotguns for our little friends. The vests and sensors are included in the package for your best satisfaction. Every component works with rechargeable batteries so that the party will never come to an end.

There is a vibration signal and a sound effect for each successful hit so that everyone knows when the game stops. All shotguns can easily change to pistols and machine guns to offer you more chances to win. There is no actual laser beam emitted from the shotguns to protect your kids’ eyes at all times.

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Why We Recommend

  • The laser guns are multifunctional and ready for a fight.
  • They weigh less than other shotguns in the same class.
  • Sensors emit a strong vibration, and their LCD screen shows the score to anyone.
  • You have the chance for a plasma gun to shoot more than three points per shot.


  • You cannot choose the shotgun’s colors.


These are some of the best laser shotguns you will find online for your kids’ party. They are multi-function, offering styles like pistol and machine guns. Their sensors work with infrared beams to ensure that there are no harmful laser rays for your kids’ eyes. The package always included four fancy and high-quality vests for your kids to wear during battle.

The batteries used are either alkaline or rechargeable to give you more gaming time. With this game, you have the chance to exercise your responsiveness and the way to efficiently hide from others. There is a great shooting distance that comes up to 196ft., which is way beyond the competition.

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Why We Recommend

  • All materials are 100% safe for kids and environmentally friendly.
  • The infrared beam is strong enough to work but will not harm kids.
  • There are cheatable laser guns that will not end the game until you are hit multiple times.
  • Virtual shots are there, but the sound effects are real.


  • The guns weigh more than other brands and may make your kids tired after constant gaming cycles.

Ray Emission Technology

First, you need to know about the ray emission technology. This has to do with the type of ray the laser gun uses to communicate with the sensors on the vests. Let’s see the two types used by the best laser tag guns:

  • Infrared

Infrared rays are invisible to others and are easy to produce from laser guns. On the other hand, they may not easily penetrate clothes and other obstacles. These rays are harmless for your kids, and you can easily use them anywhere.

  • Laser

The best rechargeable laser tag set should have laser rays to stimulate the sensors. Laser rays have a higher penetration rate and excellent precision. However, they are very dangerous for your eyes, and it’s better to use them only when you are an adult.

Battery Equipment

When the discussion for the best laser tag set comes to the battery, here are the two different choices you may have:

  • Alkaline

Some laser tag sets use alkaline batteries to operate. You can go with one set of alkaline batteries for at least 20 hours of gaming without any hassle. However, they have no chance to show you their energy level, and you need to have many of them spare for replacement.

  • Rechargeable

The other kind of battery for the best laser tag set remains the rechargeable one. You can recharge them once a week, and this is enough for constant gaming with others. Most of these batteries are integrated into laser tag weapons.


Vests are also an important component of the laser tag set game. Here are the multiple variations you have for the vests:

  • Retractable Color

Some of them have a retractable color to ensure you can change it according to the kids’ predisposition. Others do have certain colors, and they cannot change.

  • Adjusted Target

The newest vests have a position to adjust the laser tag target and meter. They can adjust this position according to the needs of the game; others prefer to have in on the chest, and others on their back.


One of the most important features of laser tag guns is their range of ray emissions. That means how far their targeting system could go and hit the opponent. Here are the most popular alterations:

  • Long Range

Modern laser tag gun sets usually have a range coming up to 150 ft. or sometimes even longer. That is a piece of long-range equipment and costs a lot more than the others.

  • Short Range

Laser shot guns that are meant for kids and are more affordable have a short range for their rays emission. This range varies anywhere between 80 ft. and 130 ft. which is more efficient for naive users and players.

Scope Existence and Addition

Finally, we get to the scope of existence and the possibility of adding a scope to the laser tag guns. Professional editions of these games usually offer scope for better aiming to the targets. However, others offer you the chance to add yourself a scope and be more accurate when you aim others to tag them with the laser ray.


Usually, laser tag guns are low-weight and easy to handle. However, most professional editions that are meant for adult users are heavier than the others. If they are meant for kids, they tend to be lighter and have fewer protective parts against collisions to the ground, which are common accidents with these weapons.


Finally, the laser tag gun material is an important deciding factor when you are out on the market looking for the best set. Let’s see the sole variations you will find on the market as far as the laser tag gun sets are concerned:

  • Plastic

The newest and most affordable laser tag gun sets always have plastic weapons. They are lighter than others, and you can easily aim and target the opponents. Plastic is also waterproof and will never rust.

  • Metallic

We have seen some metallic laser tag guns that are created for adult users. They are more expensive than the others and generally offer more options.